Take Your Digital Marketing Efforts To The Next Level This 2018

Content Marketing

Is content marketing’s golden age finally upon us?

The answer will depend on who you will ask but the one sure thing is that year 2018 will be a fast-paced and wild year for all content marketers willing to go all out with their efforts.


Blogging is No Longer Enough

Not too long ago, an engaging and active blog was enough to get the attention from both your customers and Google’s algorithm. But, this 2018, it seems that blogging alone will no longer be enough. However, don’t get too worried because it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to come up with tons of blog posts together with other content types.

Unlike before when the focus was on keyword stuffing, grammar errors, and misspellings, this time around, the focus is on quality instead of quantity. Engagement is measured instead of reach and shares. Different formats can now be used such as videos, apps, commercials, and podcasts. Content teams will require not only writers but other experts in creating other types of content.


Content Marketing Shouldn’t Be a Form of Advertisement

Many businesses set aside budget for their content marketing that are very campaign-oriented. It means that they treat content marketing as a bunch of ad, thus missing the whole point of what content marketing is all about. Although it is true that a strong strategy for content marketing encompasses campaigns, your overall content marketing should always be greater than the total sum of the parts if you want it to bring you good results.

This means that it must be different from a string of ads while still amounting to it. Your content marketing must be relevant, compelling, and unique, or else, even the biggest budget will never bring you actual results.


Content Consumption is Veering Away from the Screens

Technological evolution is expected to be away from the screens. Thanks to IoT or Internet of Things, smart devices now give content marketers the chance to think in new terms. Developers can now come up with voice-activated apps, with these apps offering an amazing opportunity to branch out to new formats of content.

With the growing sophistication of IoT and AI, you have infinite limits as far as content is concerned. To remain competitive, your business brand must know how to harness these latest capabilities even though you might not be geared just yet to launch your own AI app anytime soon. With these technologies getting easier to access and becoming more widespread, the key is to plan how you will integrate these into your content marketing soon.

Micro-moment Content is an Art to Master for Brands

Micro-moments are the specific consumer behavior type identified and named by Google back in 2015. This is an impulse that everyone has experienced possibly every single day. You have a question in mind and you get the answer from your phone. Whatever the question is, you expect to get an instant answer. This greatly influenced how consumers are interacting with brands, and for this reason, your team must refocus all their efforts on coming up with content for all stages of your sales funnel and content pieces which address and anticipate some of the common questions of your customers.

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